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Dare To Begin!

In January of 2016, two things happened that had a profound affect on my life.

1. Starting a Creativity Journal. The first entry: "Dare to Begin." Adjacent to that was my idea for Quiloha, spreading aloha one quillo at a time.

2. Beginning a Gratitude Jar. My girlfriend Annie gave me a vase made of recycled

products. It seemed to be the perfect vessel to hold my Daily Gratitude blessings.​​

And then it happened.

I decided that practicing creativity was more than putting pencil to paper, or selecting fabric for my next project.

Creativity links us to the Muse of the Universe.

Either we are ready...or not... I was ready.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. And it just so happens that I live next to Yvonne McIntire who taught me the art of making quillos. Quillos are handmade personal quilts that fold into pillows. I was hooked. I couldn't stop. In fabric, I finally found my artistic voice.

When you end every day for being grateful for just one thing and you begin to listen to your authentic self in your creative writing journal, amazing things start to happen.

First, I was given a scholarship opportunity by Carrie Brummer to work with a Circle of Women for six months to develop my artistic voice and strategies to develop an online presence to sha​​re my artwork and to dig deeper into the art of quillo making.

“I'm so thrilled to congratulate @cathleen_nardi for winning the scholarship to The Circle GOLD. Her work is so valuable, important and beautiful to boot I can't wait to see what she has up her sleeves in 2017.”

Then, I contacted my friend and colleague, Tracee Vetting Wolf to help me develop a brand and a logo. The process of working with Tracee was amazing. Tracee uses a wonderful process to develop your idea to reflect yourself and your brand.

“I'd like to capture the essence of what you're wanting with a few descriptive words before I start any sort of pictoral or lettered logo. From what you've sent me, I get a lot of aloha (grace, unity, harmony, gentle, humility, patience, spirit).

This logo design captures the essence of Quiloha.

One year ago, I was in search of balance, integrity and creativity.

From that quest, Quiloha, spreading Aloha one quillo at a time...was born.

Welcome to Quiloha.

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