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The Birth of Quiloha

Hello and welcome to Quiloha.  My name is Cathleen Nardi.  Thank you for visiting my website.  When I moved to Maui to be the primary caregiver of my 97-year old mother-in-law in our home, I learned alot about myself and about patience.  The experience taught me many things, many of which have encouraged me to give ‘birth’ to Quiloha. 

 At first, I thought being a care giver was learning to be patient. But I soon came to realize that being a caregiver in Hawaii teaches you so much more.  Through yoga, I learned to embrace the idea of opening to grace. Through my mentor, Yvonne, who taught me the art of quillo making, I have learned the importance of self less giving, and through the land and culture of Hawaii, I have learned a gentle peace and calmness that is embodied in the quillos that I sew.

Tangerine Dreams
Green Sleeves
Emerald City
Pineapple Fantasy
Surf's Up
Rhapsody in Blue
mrs wright
mr wright
courage joe
"Quiloha was born out of a desire to ‘practice creativity’ in my life. It offered me a vehicle to express myself through fabric."
The passion continued as a realized that not only were these beautiful gifts, they were practical as well. Quiloha grew as I began to send quillos to friends who were undergoing tremendous pain and tragedy in their lives. I wanted to offer comfort, connection and beauty by sending them a ‘Maui Medicine Blanket.’ Seemingly a simple gesture, I was overwhelmed by the response that I received.
Quiloha  includes a pay it forward component by "Spreading the Aloha" to offer comfort to those undergoing chemotherapy, or suffering a loss in their lives by donating a quillo for every 10 sold.

"Thank you for sending some of you and Maui to me. I love you. 🌊🐬💦💙  If I wasn't more grounded than ever before I would have wept like a child when I opened and felt it. Instead I felt a warm glow and my heart opened to about four feet wide."

I recently read Jonathan Fields elements of a “Conscious Business.  This is my wish for Quiloha and all the people that are touched through the power of creativity, connection, gratitude and love.

To serve a genuine need and generate real profit, to serve as a true outlet for your strengths, values, voice and potential, and to make a bigger dent in the universe.

Quiloha...spreading Aloha one quillo at a time...

is expressed best by those who have shared their gratitude with me.

Feel Free to Contact me

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"This was an incredible gesture of largess, generosity and kindness. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  I’m sure you can imagine that someone like Mary, dealing with cancer over a long period of time, spends an enormous amount of time on her living room couch. I’m certain that the Quillo is the happiest, brightest thing in the room.


I just wanted to let you know that I found the time to really look at your dazzling quillos this morning. Each one speaks of your creativity and the joining of fabrics to form a beautiful piece of art that is bigger than its parts. They are not only lovely, but serve the purpose of bringing love and solace to those who are lucky enough to enjoy them. It's a noble job that you are doing by "spreading Aloha one Quillo at a time."



From the shape and size of the box,  I instinctively knew what was inside but waited some time before opening it.  I wanted to think about the time and thoughtfulness that went into it and to share the opening of it with my family this evening.   You have definitely found a beautifully unique and thoughtful way to #practicecreativity and share it with others.  I am proud to call you my friend and partner.



Thank you for this amazing gift and for your beautiful note.  Willow doesn't pose for pictures, but she seemed to know how special this quillo is because she came right over and looked up to the camera!  You are so special and I feel lucky to have you as my friend.  I feel better today because of your support.  



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