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The Circle of Aloha

spreading aloha one quillo at a time...

Artwork courtesy of Alison Kaczmarek

Do you know someone that would benefit from the comfort of a Maui Medicine Blanket? 
The Circle of Aloha allows you to bring together a circle of friends to make a contribution that will enable Quiloha to send a quillo from your own Circle of Aloha.  The cost of a quillo (including shipping in the U.S.) ranges from $150-$200 depending on the fabric chosen.
Contact me if you are interested in creating a Circle of Aloha...
We, the spiritual women of the world, are the solution to the problem. Author Jean Shinoda Bolen, predicts that when we have millions of circles in the world, we will shift from a patriarchal society to one that is based on equality. When women gather in circle, we transform ourselves and each other. When we transform ourselves – we bring a new consciousness to our families and our communities. When our families and communities become more conscious, we change society...
Whatever it looks like, we are ALL being called to step into our dharma, our purpose work, and contribute our individual part to the collective healing on the planet. 
Why Circle?  Why Now?  (excerpt from Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook Copyright © 2018 by Sistership Circle)

The lei, an infinite Circle of Aloha

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