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The Dance of the Water Dragon and the Dragonfly

A Parent’s Wish

Something unique for them…

To be together,

Hugged by beauty,

Touched by family,

Able to take "us" with them wherever they go

Feel the love

Feel that wonderful "Aloha"!!


Recently I was asked by my cousin Alexandra to make wedding quillos for her son Ryan and his soon-to-be-bride, Alison for their wedding. I was honored to be able to do this as I wanted to create something as special as Alexandra's wish for the newlyweds.


Here is the story of the design process.

Because of Ryan's fondness of Dragons and the Forest, I selected the Water Dragon with green hues for the foundation for my design. If you look at the green batik, it reminded me of looking up at a forest canopy. “Ich floh in die grüne Waldeinsamkeit.”

Because of Allison's passion for swimming, I chose the Dancing Waves in colors of green and yellow which are her favorite. The dragonflies appeared miraculously and allowed me to tie the whole design together.


You will notice that these fabrics includes the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Most importantly, I wanted to be sure to include the Russian Tradition of “Bread and the Salt” that my grandmother shared with Alexandra and Jack at their wedding 25 years ago.

The Gilded Wings of the Dragonfly resemble salt crystals and a similar pattern is repeated in the Green Batik .


“The bride and groom break off pieces of bread, dip them in salt and feed each other.

These actions symbolize that they’ll never be without the necessities

of life and they will always take care of each other.”

Ryan and Allison were married this weekend on September 3rd in an Unplugged Ceremony. Congratulations Ryan and Allison!

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