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Photo Courtesy of JW

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.”


When my friend Cindy asked if I would make sister quillos for her daughters for Christmas, of course I said yes, and then she surprised me. She wanted to help pick out the fabric. I loved this! As first, Cindy was intimidated by all the choices in the fabric store. But I told her, "we'll just start with one fabric that you like for each girl, and then we will build from that." We then chose some beautiful batiks to compliment the primary fabric. Cindy even selected matching thread!!


The results were incredible. Each quillo is unique and yet they share a connection. Just like sisters! What a beautiful, heartfelt gift from a mother to her two daughters.


Because I was able to sell so many quillos, I will be giving one away again!

I have 3 nominees for the "Spread the Aloha" program and will be announcing the recipient in my next email.

If you know of someone who could use some comfort while undergoing chemotherapy, or suffering a loss in their lives, you can nominate them using this link.

My dear friend Caron recovering from surgery 'wrapped in courage, strength and serenity!'

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