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A Christmas Story: Nan's Ocean Quillo


The voice of the sea speaks to the soul...


When my dear friend Lisa asked me to design a quillo for her mother Nan, I was honored to be able to create a special gift for such a beautiful soul. When I saw the Blue Blossom fabric, I intrinsically knew that this would be the primary fabric to use for the design. I selected the inside turquoise batik as a compliment to represent the ocean of which Nan is so fond. Imagine my surprise when I went to look for a picture of Nan and found the perfect one of her standing in the ocean in Maine!!

"Dana and I chose to give this quillo to our mother, Nan, so that we can wrap her in warmth, love and beauty as her dementia progresses.

We selected blue fabric because Nan loves the ocean, especially the waters of southern Maine where she spent most of her summers. And we are blessed with Cathleen as our quillo artist because she has been my dear friend and one of Nan’s “children” for forty years."

Nan by the shore in Maine



I’ve been working with paper dolls and fabric and decided to make this design for Lisa and her sister Dana. I love how these simple figures convey such emotion.

The bond of sisterhood is never more important than now as they come together to care for their Mom.


Nan with her 'Ocean' quillo.

If you are interested in creating something special , contact me and let me know what you are thinking. A gift from the heart is a Special Gift.


The fabric for my New Year's Collection has me giddy with excitement.

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