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A Squared plus B Squared...

"Great art picks up where nature ends." ~ Marc Chagall ~


My friend Dana asked whether I would be interested in creating a Wedding Blessing Quilt from squares that she had collected. At first, I thought, nope I don't do that kind of thing, but then the universe started working its magic.


I attended an artshow at our local ViewPoints gallery and was mesmerized by the work of Susan Wachter, a master quilt artist. Turns out Susan and I have a mutual friend and I am going to meet her!!

This is her quilt, Madam Pele.


Before I committed to Dana, I knew I had to re-learn working with triangles. So I started to experiment.

This is a table runner I made for my friend Melissa to celebrate her wedding.


I was starting to get the hang of it. Then I stumbled across these square samples at a church thrift store and knew my fate was sealed. The quillo above incorporates these squares in the pillow pocket design. I'll be sure to share the whole story once the quilt is finished, but in the meantime if you would like me to do a custom quillo pocket for your next quillo, just let me know. I need the practice!!


Buy buying a quillo, you help spread the Aloha, since for every 10 quillos sold,


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